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Work in safety:

Light on your shaft:

Our selected shaft lighting kit allow to have 50 lux in your shaft. 

  • If you have existing installation and your keep your switches, you can choose a power cable 1m or 10m.

  • If you have a new shaft, we recommend the String Kit, which allow the technician to light on the shaft from any floors.

 Power Supply Cable 1m or 10m  


                String switch Kit                      

 Shaftlighting kits

  1 kit per floor                   

Cable 10m.PNG


Sting kit.PNG


     Composed by :

1 cable HO5RN-F 2x1mm² with female connector
1 connector cap

• 1 junction box equipped:
• 1 power supply connection 10 m
• 1 monostable switch 2 m
• 1 nylon cord 50 m
• 1 bag of fixing accessories
Complementary informations :
• Product compatible with power supply box equipped with impulse relay




    Composed by:

- 1 LED lighting power 10W, voltage AC100-264V, CCT 6000-6500 K, 950-1050 lumens, beam angle 140° IP65
- On one side 1,2m cable HO5RN-F 2x1mm² with male connector
- On the other side 1,2m cable HO5RN-F 2x1mm² with female connector
- 2 hammerfix plug 6x35mm


Install your Handling hooks:

Our hooks allow your to hold from 500kg to 2000kg, following what are the specifications of your concrete. 

You can use it for 2 purposes:

  • In machine room, to change the machine for example.

  • At the top of your headroom, to install a Machine Room Less lift.

Hook 10KN.PNG

Composed by:

- Material: formed thick sheet

- Finish: yellow

- max. admissible load: between 500 kg and 2000 kg depending on model

• Plugs RAWL:

- ref.: 50-135

- Min. embedded depth: 80 mm

- Max. thickness of the part to be secured: 25 mm

- Concrete hole depth: 105 mm

- Thread: M12 - Drill: 18 mm - Hole: 20 mm - Torque load: 80 N.m

- Min. thickness of the concrete support: 160 mm

- Overall length of the plug: 135 mm

Balustrades/Handrails for car roof EN81-20:

Two range availables: folding or retractable. Two models for each: 700mm or 1100mm. The lenght is 1500mm and can be cut on site by the technician.

Foldable balustrade.jpg
Balustrade 1100.jpg

     Composed by :

• Retractable structure in galvanised steel, L up to 1500 mm
• 2 tear contacts (high / low position)
+ cable H07 RN-F 3G1 mm² (2.5 m)
+ cable H07 RN-F 2x1 mm² (2.5 m)
• fall hazard sticker
• fastening screws
• fastening accessories
• fastening screws
•Compliance EN 81-20

     Composed by :

• 2 posts
+ 2 electrical contacts with cable (L 2.5 m) and contact bridges
• 2 iron tubes
• 1 baseboard
• 1 label danger of falling
• fasteners
Further information :
• width adjutable until 1500 mm

Retratable Handrail 700mm:      

Open:           706mm           

Retracted:    599mm     
Retractable Handrail 1100mm:         

Open:           1111mm       

Retracted:      704mm                                                                                                     

Foldable Handrail 700mm:      


Foldable Handrail 1100mm:         



Adjustable pit buffer:

Adjustable pit buffer.jpg
Adjustable buffer drawing.jpg
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