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DM-Line touch displays

Our DM-Line touch displays have been developed for back-wall mounting. An optional stainless steel frame also allows front mounting.

DM pic 1.jpg
DM pic 2.jpg

   Active area (mm)

344 x 194

700 x 197

905 x 255

DM pic 3.jpg

The all-round solution for all purposes of implementation

The high-quality touchmonitors of the DM-Line offer an all-in-one solution, which is not only flexible, but also impressive. The noble black glass frame of the displays ensures enough contrast and makes every display shine

Interfaces + LEDs

listed from left to right:

  1. 4G antenna terminal (optionally) 

  2. 3 user LEDs

  3. SIM card slot for 4G internal modem (optionally) 

  4. LAN interface 10/100 MBit

  5. USB host interface, e.g. for USB stick

  6. 4 discrete inputs 

  7. speaker terminals

  8. switch for Option + CAN bus termination  

  9. high-speed CAN interface

  10. power supply 12-24 VDC

DM pic 5.jpg
DM pic 4.jpg

Cover glass + Fixing

Safety glass or acrylic glass are available in standard or anti-glare version for protection of the display


Stainless steel frame LT-Line with welding studs


Stainless steel frame LT-Line for screws 


Housing for wall mounting straight


Housing for wall mounting  inclined 

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