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3D Scan, what is it?


3D scanning is a procedure for capturing physical elements in order to then produce a digital model.
With this new tool, we are able to produce point clouds and obtain the exact geometry of an industrial or tertiary installation whether inside or outside.
This model will allow a collaborative work between the different interlocutors or support your construction projects in its different life cycles.
The scan will help you in the study phases for development, rehabilitation or extension work.
In order to provide a 3D scan close to reality, our surveys include the levelling of the ground but also the georeferencing of the points making it possible to view your buildings in its outdoor space.



To carry out these measurements, we rely on state-of-the-art equipment:

• FARO LASER SCANNER FOCUS 3D Plus-70 - range 70m - precision to the nearest mm
• DPI8 HAND SCANNER - 5m range - precision to the nearest mm - colours point cloud



Once our measurements have been taken, we are able to provide you the data in different types of formats that can be used by current softwares.
Facilitating access to data and ensuring time savings in your production are part of our continuous improvement initiatives, which is why we also provide to our customers a server address where they will be able to view their points cloud directly from a web browser.

Scan building.jpg
Relevé 3D.jpg


With this technology, we are avoiding many human mistakes in measurements to not have any claim when the material is manufactured.

Our 3D scan partner is located everywhere in Europe and can come very fastly to your building.

As we are modelizing a part of your building, if you prefer, you can order the complete modelization of your building (BIM).

It will be compulsory soon for all buildings in Europe.

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