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Modernisation OTIS Gen2:

IN 2000, the american company OTIS launched his Gen2. The Otis Gen2 system replaces conventional steel ropes with coated steel belts. The unique, patented  flat-belt drive technology virtually eliminates vibration, providing passengers and tenants a remarkably smooth, quiet ride and improved overall comfort.

For the safety of the passenger, the Gen2 elevator has a device called PULSE (Resistance Based Inspection, RBI, US patent), which monitors the belts status 24 hours and alerts the elevator technicians when a tear or damage occurs.

The Gen2 has more than 20 years and also some of them needs to get modernised. 


The Gen2 we can modernise:


1) Gen2 Comfort

This is a version for low to mid-rise buildings. 

The European version has three aesthetics model; Optima, Selecta, and Lumina.

Both Optima and Selecta has two LED lightings on the car station.

Lumina does not have LED lightings on the car stations, instead they are located on the ceiling.

The fixtures used are the Otis 2000 ones with either blue LCD or yellow Electroluminescent Display floor indicators.

Specs (European version):

  • Machine room less with permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • ReGen drive with closed loop vector control

  • 320/450/480/630/900/1000 kg capacities

  • 1 m/s speed

  • 45 m travel distance

  • Serves up to 14 floors

  • Up to 3 cars in a group

  • One or two entrances

  • Center or telescopic opening doors

2) Gen2 Flex

Gen2 Flex was made for new installation solutions for existing buildings.

This version has a much smaller capacity and because of that, it can be installed in narrow/limited spaces.

The maximum number of capacity is 630 kg. The position of counterweight can be on the side or rear. 


  • Machine room less with permanent magnet synchronous motor

  • Otis OVC variable frequency drive with closed loop vector control

  • 180-630 kg capacities

  • 1 m/s speed

  • 45 m maximum rise

  • Serves up to 16 floors

  • Up to 2 cars in a group

  • One or two (either opposite or 90° angle) entrances

  • Manual, center or telescopic (two, three or four panel) opening doors


Your Kit includes:

-Frequency invertor ZaDyn.

-Sensor and cable.

-Deflexion Pulleys.

-Machine ZaTop (same position as your Gen2 machine).

-3 Belts Megadyne.

For a full electrical modernisation, please contact us.

              Controlled in blutooth with ZAMON app:

Inverter ZaDyn:

The technology communicates easily between the new ZAdyn4CS frequency inverter and new elevator controller, no matter the brand. No need to wait for repairs when you can start your modernisation. 

Machine is delivered with encoder ENDAT 1313.

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Delflexion pulleys:

Get a new set of deflexion pulleys to be adapted to our belt technology. 

You can change your existing one by those one easily.

(independant beerings, 3 deflexion pulleys delivered in 2:1).


Our Supplier Megadyne is one of the main manufacturer of Belt and adapted his technology to get the best lift efficiency.

Flat both side, resistance controlled by number of cycles defined in controller sofware.

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