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Modernisation KONE MONOSPACE:

Because it exists since 1995, and it is one of the most sold KONE elevators, some of them needs to be modernised.

Get some free market components, thanks to the Ziehl Abegg solutions.

Your existing machine:

-KONE ECODISC MX06: one of th smallest in the Ecodisc family. It is used for elevators with 2:1 roping, a 630kg capacity and 1 meters per second speed.

-KONE ECODISC MX10: the most commonly used in many Kone MonoSpace elevator systems. It is normally used in Monospace elevators with 2:1 roping, a capacity up to 1000kg and speed up to 1.6 meters per second.

KONE MX10.jpg

Your Kit includes:

-Frequency invertor ZaDyn.

-Sensor and cable DISCcontrol.

-Bed plate and screws.

-Machine ZaDisc.

If you need new ropes, we can propose you Drako product.

For a full electrical modernisation, please contact us.

Machine ZaDisc:

Permanent excited gearless machine for traction sheave cable elevators.
The flat design as well as the mounting of the machine on the guiding rails allows optimum shaft dimensions.
The type examination tested brake can be used as part of the protective device to prevent overspeeding of the cabin when travelling upwards or as part of the protective device to prevent unintended movement of the cabin.


Inverter ZaDyn:

The technology communicates easily between the old disc rotor motor, new ZAdyn4CS frequency inverter and new elevator controller, no matter the brand. No need to wait for repairs when you can start your modernisation. 

Encoder ZA.jpg


DISCcontrol perfectly fits the existing motor 1:1. The hall sensor is already integrated in the attachment kit. You only need to plug in one line at the ZAdyn4CS

ZaDyn with DISCcontrol:

The DISCcontrol retrofit kit attaches the components you need for operation quickly and easily to the original disc rotor motor. The incremental encoder supplies the ZAdyn4CS with the information needed for operation regarding drive speed and position of the internal magnetic field. The additional hall sensor corrects any slip of the friction wheel on the sheave.

Improving safety with magnets If the brakes are manually opened when power supply is deactivated, the frequency inverter loses the position of the rotor. When operated the next time, this could lead to an uncontrolled movement. Using one magnet for each pole pair (at least 8 in total) reduces the rotor movement to a minimum.

ZadynZadisc spec.jpg
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