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Load sensors:


1) Overload measuring control system multiropes:

The Henning systems has many advantages:

-Very attractive price-performance ratio.

-Simple mounting.

-Two sensors suiting rope diameters from 200 und 300 mm. 

-For rope diameters from 4 - 26 mm.

-2 freely programmable output relays integrated evaluation unit.

-Measurement ranges up to max. 10.000 kg.

2 versions: Relay or CANopen, easy to add to our Smart display.

Henning Multirope.jpg
Weightwatcher beam.jpg

2) Overload fixed on beam:

-Installed on a central guided car frame.

-Max load for Frame + Car + Load: 5000kg.

2 versions: Standard and in CANopen, easy to add to our Smart display.

3) Rope sensors (1/rope):

  • suitable for use with different rope diameters and types

  • no calibration necessary

  • 12 measuring channels

  • 4 programmable alarm relays

  • slack rope alarm

  • load distribution alarm

  • software-wizard for optimum rope-tension settings

+ Sensors:

  • At each rope, an individual load sensor is mounted which no longer has to be calibrated at the lift using weights. The measurement signals are sampled in a controller unit, permitting a check of both the cab weight and even rope tension.

  • From 4 to 16mm rope diameters.

2 versions: USB port or CANopen, easy to add to our Smart display.

Sensor unit.jpg
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