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Disinfecting foam dispenser without alcohol:

To be used at any place with people in movement! Get a better safety in your office buidings, hospitals, public office, installing the foam dispenser in the elevator car or at the entrance.

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An alcohol-free, healthier composition:

The disinfectant foam does not contain alcohol.
Non-irritant, it is suitable for sensitive skin even during repeated use. It can be used by children from three years old. No risk relating to lotion storage. It is non-flammable and ensures the safety of travelers and transport equipment.

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and yeasts 
The disinfectant foam is bactericidal *, virucidal * and yeasticide *. Your hands are protected and hydrated. The germs are killed and disease transmission prevented.

Vegetable and mineral origin
Disinfectant foam comes from resources renewable. Plant-based lactic acid disinfects  ands and does not irritate them.
It allows gentle disinfection of the hands, without risk allergy, without damage to the skin, or dehydration.

A practical and secure terminal
The lotion bag is tamper-proof and secure. The pocket change is also quick and easy.
The foam does not run: clean floors, reduced dirt, no risk of slipping.
The terminal is customizable to your graphic charter, to convey your own messages.

Formulated exclusively from vegetable and mineral components, the lotion hand sanitizer helps maintain the health of the skin thanks to its agents moisturizers and emollients. Product intended for hygiene hands (TP1).

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