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Modernisation with Gearless:

Permanent excited gearless drive for traction sheave cable elevators with and without a machine room.
The slimline design and wall mounting in the elevator shaft allow for optimum shaft dimensions.
The type-tested brake can be used as a safety device to prevent uncontrolled upwards cabin movement and unintended cabin movement from the landing.

Drives in the ZAsyn series provide for high energy efficiency and low noise levels when running.


Applications and uses

  • Payload up to 2500 kg

  • Speed up to 3.0 m/s

  • Traction sheave diameter of 400 mm

Machines are delivered with :

  • Traction sheave 400 mm *

  • Rope cover

  • Encoder ECN 1313 ENDAT

  • Two certified safety brakes Youli, 2 x 850 Nm, 110 V

  • With hand release

An adapted frame with deflexion pulley is also possible to get, contact us.


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