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Touchless LOP solution:

Due to Covid 19, a lot of companies are looking for a solution to help their employees to go back to office in good safety conditions.

We propose an adaptable system of Touchless LOP to adapt on your existing installation.

It is small, design, easy to install and to use.



Input power: DC8-30V

Standby power: 0,2W @24V

Full-load power: 0,96W @24V

Max current: 40mA @24V

Working distance: 5cm-15cm

Recognizing speed: 240 KHZ

Ambiant light immunity: 100k Lux

Working temperature: -20°C - 70°C

Working humidity: 5% - 85%

Pin definition:  1-LED  2-VCC  3-GND  4-SW

Size: 70*60*16, mm

Net Weight: 50g

touchless lop2.jpg
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