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 ARCODE controller:

  • Compact Dimensions: integrated control with frequency inverter

  • Fast Installation: pre-arranged cabinet complete with all electrical components

  • Fits in every Shaft: with compact control cabinet dimensions or with service panel in front of the landing door frame and the power unit inside the head room

  • Easy Update: the hand-held terminal stores all data in the integrated SD card

  • Easy Setting: automatic motor tuning, shaft learning features

  • Remote Control: can bus connection between hand-held terminal with colored TFT display and lift. No PC needed

  • 5 Pre-Set Comfort Parameters: the most 5 important parameters for fast and safe commissioning

  • Always have an access to the latest manuals: with hand-held terminal always access to the latest firmware

  • Further Advantages: high stopping accuracy, retraction with opening door, energy-saving mode, releveling, short floor drive, integrated EMC filter and DC choke, 230 VAC safety circuit

  • Hand Terminal

ARCODE Classique.jpg

Controler on the landing:


Easier for service or compulsory if reduced headroom.


Standard sizes:




Finishing: Painted RAL 7032 or Steel control box.


Controler in shaft + Slim cabinet on the landing:


Standard sizes in Shaft:              In Landing:

-Width:                                              -Width:

-Hight:                                               -Hight:

-Depth:                                             -Depth:

Finishing: Painted RAL 7032 or Steel control box.


AREM handset: Programming tool for ARCODE

  • User-friendly 330x240 TFT display

  • Possible to see even the smallest detail with strong images.

  • Possible to control the system from any point on CANbus.

  • Easy error detection.

  • Fast and reliable updating system via AREM at one time.

  • Supports all ARCODE systems.

  • Different accessibility modes for 3 different users for specific needs (guest, maintenance, installment)

  • With SD Card, easy to upload and backup system parameters and easy to transfer for fast installments

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